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Welcome, I’m Jeff Jones, an Insurance Agent & Producer living and working in Washington state. Prior to ITS I was on staff for three non-profits working throughout the world; stewarding the resources under

my care was always the ethos of my vocation.

My Story

International Travel Solutions (ITS) has provided high-quality international travel insurance since 2003. Churches, NGO’s, individuals,

and families traveling internationally for humanitarian service and leisure travel have grown to depend on ITS to support their global commitments and connections. We have assisted thousands of families, groups, and individuals around the world needing travel-related insurance. We offer insurance for trip cancellation, medical emergency, and evacuation. In these times of global uncertainty, protecting your international travel investment has never been more important.

  • ITS provides international travel insurance for medical, evacuation, and cancellation through the International Medical Group (IMG).

  • These products are available internationally prior to departure from your home country. 

  • Our Residence Producer License is in Washington (WA) Lic# 703804.

Special Acknowledgement

I’d like to thank my good friend Gummi Ibsen for providing the spectacular travel images found on our website. I’m grateful for his talents and I hope you enjoy his artistry as much as I do. If you’d like to learn more about his photography and video craft, check out his website.


International Travel Solutions

Jeffrey A. Jones

Port Hadlock, WA


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